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Error 1075 The Dependency Service Does Not Exist Or Has Been Marked For Deletion


User name SvcwRsyncFull Name Comment cwRsync service accountUser's comment Country code 000 (System Default)Account active YesAccount expires Never Password last set 8/23/2005 9:13 AMPassword expires 10/5/2005 8:00 AMPassword changeable 8/23/2005 9:13 Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up SC.exe config obj= LocalSystem is giving error up vote 4 down vote favorite 1 The command sc.exe config obj= LocalSystem Many applications require installation of memory management programs. ERROR_INVALID_HANDLE The handle to the specified service control manager database is invalid. check over here

Insufficient RAM. If you are creating services that share a process, avoid calling functions with process-wide effects, such as ExitProcess. ERROR_INVALID_SERVICE_ACCOUNT The user account name specified in the lpServiceStartName parameter does not exist. If the last-known-good configuration is being started, the startup operation continues.

Error 1075 The Dependency Service Does Not Exist Or Has Been Marked For Deletion

Fired because your skills are too far above your coworkers How do I get the last lines of dust into the dustpan? What's the fastest way to generate a 1 GB file containing only random numbers? Log first chance exceptions. failed (GetAccountSid(SvcwRsync)=1332 Revoking SeTcbPrivilege from SvcwRsync ...

Log debug output messages. It can be closed by calling the CloseServiceHandle function. When I try to remove the service it says it doesn't exist. Error 1075 The Dependency Service Does Not Exist Security Center Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP:  Managed service accounts and virtual accounts are not supported until Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2.

more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed Workstation Service Error 1075 I previously had 1.2.7 installed and it seems I've a LEGACY_RSYNCSERVER service in my registry. failed (GetAccountSid(SvcwRsync)=1332 Revoking SeDenyInteractiveLogonRight from SvcwRsync ... http://easysoftwareuk.com/error-1057-how-to-run-as-service-windows-xp.htm DONATE!.lnkCreate folder: C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator.TORINO\Start Menu\Programs\cwRsync Server\DocumentationCreate shortcut: C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator.TORINO\Start Menu\Programs\cwRsync Server\Documentation\rsync.lnkCreate shortcut: C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator.TORINO\Start Menu\Programs\cwRsync Server\Documentation\rsyncd-conf.lnkCreate shortcut: C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator.TORINO\Start Menu\Programs\cwRsync Server\11.

Can a supine verb have arguments? Error 1075 The Dependency Service Does Not Exist Or Has Been Marked For Deletion Windows 10 The overview also provides basic troubleshooting procedures to follow in order to resolve typical causes of Error 1057 Script To Run As Service error codes. Yes Applies to: Microsoft Windows Update Microsoft Update Vista Business Vista Enterprise Vista Home Basic Vista Home Premium Windows Vista Starter Vista Ultimate Windows 7 Enterprise Windows 7 Home Basic Windows The installation failed with all of the following passwords given:dZ68qwS5E)&J8j9eJVu8ERC4vtf9(6$VitM4eb80BV%Y1p6m90 I can't imagine it didn't like any of those passwords.

  1. Prep a Dir for Upload.lnkCreate shortcut: C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Start Menu\Programs\cwRsync Server\03.
  2. Insufficient disk space: Before installing any new software or driver, verify free space availability of at least 100 to 500 megabytes on your PC's hard drive.
  3. Most common examples include: 1) incomplete software installation; 2) incomplete software uninstallation; 3) improperly deleted hardware drivers, and 4) improperly deleted software applications.
  4. successful Granting SeDenyInteractiveLogonRight to SvcwRsync ...
  5. If you specify a path on another computer, the share must be accessible by the computer account of the local computer because this is the security context used in the remote
  6. Rather error prone to transcribe it by hand.) Another uninstall: [quote]Remove registry keysRemove uninstallerDelete file: C:\bin\util\backup\cwRsyncServer\uninstall.exeStop and remove NT services/cygdrive/c/bin/util/backup/cwRsyncServer/bin/cygrunsrv: Error stopping a service: OpenService: Win32 error 1060:The specified service does
  7. SERVICE_RECOGNIZER_DRIVER 0x00000008 Reserved.
  8. Both manual and automated techniques are described that are designed for novice and advanced users, respectively.
  9. How to respond to your boss's email about a coworker's accusation?
  10. Dependency on a group means that this service can run if at least one member of the group is running after an attempt to start all members of the group.

Workstation Service Error 1075

Before I always changed the path to just c:\cwRsyncServer, and I had no pwdgen.exe. https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/ms682450(v=vs.85).aspx I've been to Keflavik, Iceland, but now I can't find it on the map! Error 1075 The Dependency Service Does Not Exist Or Has Been Marked For Deletion This documentation is archived and is not being maintained. The Dependency Service Does Not Exist Or Has Been Marked For Deletion Network And Sharing Center Top Sat, 20/08/2005 - 00:50 #14 itefix Offline Last seen: 1 day 17 hours ago Joined: 01.05.2008 - 21:33 Re: Re: installer does not install service?

Glad to see I'm not the only one having the problem. check my blog SERVICE_ERROR_SEVERE 0x00000002 The startup program logs the error in the event log. Please don't forget me too :) - it looks like there are two of us experiencing the same issue - that 2.0.2 does not properly install the service on Win2000. For more information about managed service accounts and virtual accounts, see the Service Accounts Step-by-Step Guide. Server Service Error 1075

Specialized programs are also available to diagnose system memory issues. ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER A parameter that was specified is invalid. The service process will be logged on as this user. this content Specific causes and solutions for Error 1057 Setup Program To Run As Service errors Reboot your PC.

failed (GetAccountSid(SvcwRsync)=1332 Revoking SeDenyBatchLogonRight from SvcwRsync ... Windows 10 Workstation Service Error 1075 To get extended error information, call GetLastError. I set the user and password with this command in my automated install BAT script: sc config RFBCAJAJBOSS obj= ".%USERNAME%" password= "" %USERNAME% has a blank password and does autologon on

Each hexadecimal code denotes a different memory address location that loaded instructions when the error was generated.

Is there a place in the documentation that explains how to do all of this stuff manually? Software program problems. ValueMeaning SERVICE_ADAPTER 0x00000004 Reserved. Error 1075 Windows 10 torque wrench warm up procedure?

A dialog will open that displays the amount of free space and total storage capacity. Now I get:% net start rsyncserverThe service is not responding to the control function. If the service type specifies SERVICE_INTERACTIVE_PROCESS, the service must run in the LocalSystem account. http://powerproxy.net/error-1075/workstation-service-error-1075.html The name is case-preserved in the service control manager.

Is there oscillating charge in a hydrogen atom? To check HD free space on Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, ME, XP, Vista, and 7, open "My Computer" or "Computer." Then, place your mouse cursor over the desired and right If the account belongs to the built-in domain, you can specify .\UserName. For more information, see Interactive Services.   dwStartType [in] The service start options.

Otherwise, the system is restarted with the last-known-good configuration.   lpBinaryPathName [in, optional] The fully qualified path to the service binary file. failed (GetAccountSid(SvcwRsync)=1332 Revoking SeDenyNetworkLogonRight from SvcwRsync ... A Error 1057 How To Run As Service Windows Xp error code is caused by a Hexadecimal formatting error. Insufficient disk space: Before installing any new software or driver, verify free space availability of at least 100 to 500 megabytes on your PC's hard drive.

Any amount below that might prevent the swap file from expanding when required, due to inadequate free space. Any idea why the installer failed to set this up?

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