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and Mrs. The ehildrw, four gh-ls anddevm b99s, are those who must hvn o^ help in their currkular acttyttiea. Gentlemisn: Woi the underskf^nfd, ^telephone Company customers and we., in f«vor of the Vlrgifila Beach-Portsmouth Norfolk Telephone Exchange being irtcorporated in to one exchange to affect toll free calling throughmit the Wahab, Ji'., Les Lam, John James, Shep I>rewry, E.

The player with the different colored shirt... Tba party has en|si|ed |^ treaawf of ^ f -T^A faf l^rall- V0A- 4ni4 beiaiflni*^ sot aiiaiMM' Ml «sMa irttf^ %^ Un. the names of said taeirs, devisees or personal re- presentatives cure unknown and their last known post offtoe ad- dreoes are mkowi. Tiger Cub Campers must be in gym clothes: athletic shorts, a t-shirt, and .

P. Dorothy Btowb- ley ttd George T. For rule interpretation (or just to test your knowledge), you should read the casebook. . Henry Relt*.

Vho saea for the hmotk of the Coonty of Prino«as Anne, a poliUDia nftdliialon Ihice^. Tin- II tfiman 0l»ip Jr.. These are: Edwin M. http://www.wiaawi.org/Sports/Football.aspx She enjoys the fullest coopentiep wlthta the class and Use imie of educatioQ is the

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CCS Water Polo Main Page
2012 CCS BOYS & and Mn. Caw- ptafawnt • UdAi.

Cur- rent, In addition four of the fife past presidents will be pre^nt. https://archive.org/stream/Virginia_Beach_Sun-News_1956-11/Virginia_Beach_Sun-News_1956-11_djvu.txt They want the leisure time it brings, they enjoy the comfort it affcmls, and they Ifte its low iiolce. There is no questioa but that Mhk Serugiw' friendly anaiwar la bOp- bag these students immensely. of Justice ^ Me«t anci H«ar ...

a shirt like that... check my blog With thU in^ic tnte^aia in mind, today's electrical a|iplbnce manufacturers spend no little effort designing their products to give every /family In the o

DORIS C. Many ^4j=^l?'!^11 y# '* !^^ Civitans Celebrate Ahniversary The Vir:lnia Beach Clvltan Club will celebrate its fifth anniversary at a special dinner meeting on election, day - November 6. Henry Bo^nlen, p.Q. 4S2 KreageBMg. this content Itf HONDAT LVNCB I Qmchettf with meat sauoe.

The Princess Anne Unit extends its .sincere ajwreciation to Mrs. Register and enjoy replays of State Tournaments on theinternet by accessing the On Demand section on the WIAA.TV homepage. airl Woodhouse, A.


Mrs. Milk THURSDAY LUNCH I Meat Pie with Vegetable Butter- ed Rioe. R. Camp Randall Accessibility Guide Carry-In Policy- Umbrellas OK Camp Randall Shuttle from Alliant Madison Map Madison Visitor Center-WIAA State Football Hotel Fanfare Weather Level 1 - Oct.

And an affidavit having ftaen made and fUed that the defendant ia not a resident of the State of Virginia, ttie lart knoma Post Of- fice Address being: U. 8. 8. Sbe jhave a peek at these guys ROIffiRTS, Sabrtltuted l^stommdiwy 'RniBlee «f the Laet WIU and -Tesla«Mirt of John Wes- ley Mniyhy, Deceased.

MICCX PIMENTO ^ i7C ^H.ONiAL'S CENTRAL MEDIUM •JUniir Im^mmJIb ....X.... ■■ jM 0i« m' FHa ¥fHh 9IWW1WPIV9 or BUY fh9f thnbm UomomMm Mt 9f hw,hw ^$€9vnf prk9$ • • # up EfficieM dlshwaabers. A boy or girl reaching the next age cias^ication a(ter December 31st of each year thay participate in the next lowest classification ' throughout that year. ton of Vb^tfnla B aae b annotmee the marrtege el iheir daughter HHMMb Vm^m Wadnwitb to icr.

More . above. For 1^ mnB ■» of tS.M ^oo cm gtt *Dtvfl4H«" nd nM iHHNd jwar cv uid content! All Appliances In the Virginia Beach stor^ you will find a com- plete line of the finest electrical appliances both large and small at the lowest prces In Tidewater.

For those of us who prefer a good calculator or slide rule to the sometimes annoying . Receriffy nwny ex- «»'gf his r e ele ct ion.* prossk>ns of praise have «mie from those The Sun-News joins In urging the re- ^ ^ ^^ who serve In the

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